Snack Sausage

Robertson's Snack Sausage Sticks are made out of quality pork and beef. Our Snack Sausage Sticks come in Pepperoni, Summer and All Beef. Snack Sausage is good for an anytime snack, especially for camping or school lunches.

  1. Beef Stick

    Beef Stick

    Made from Beef our Snack Sticks satisfy your snack cravings like no other. Good for an anytime snack.

    Price: $1.99
  2. Summer Sausage

    Summer Sausage

    Beef and Pork mixture of the wholesome and nutritious. Great for outdoor trips or anytime.
    Price: $1.99
  3. Jar of 20 Snack Sticks

    Jar of 20 Snack Sticks

    Once you start eating them, you just can't quit!! You can now order a jar of our delicious snack sticks in either pepperoni, summer sausage, or beef flavor OR if you would like to have them mixed please just let us know in the comments section of the order form. These snack sticks come 20 to a jar.
    Price: $37.00
  4. Pepperoni Stick

    Pepperoni Stick

    A mixture of wholesome and nutritious beef and pork, great for outdoor trips or just anytime. Kids love it.

    Price: $1.99

Snack Sausage

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